Delivery Rider/Executive Requirement

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August 5, 2020

Delivery Rider/Executive Requirement

  1. 1500+ in major cities and ~2500+ including tier 2/3 towns

What to pitch: Earn upto 21,000 per month*. (T&C Apply). Earning potential ranges from 10-21K.

Opportunity to work with one of India’s largest e-commerce companies. Best brand in the business.

Onboarding and Delivery center locations are given below:

Interested candidates would be required to go to these centers for delivery pickups and training.

Earning potential


Key Topic E-commerce  Delivery
Per order earnings 1- 599 orders within 15 days- Rs. 15/order

More than 600 orders within 15 days- Rs. 16/order

Estimated orders to be delivered per day 20 – 25 per day in Metros and tier-1 cities

15 – 20 per day in tier 2/3 cities

40-45 trips per day*


Estimated earnings per month ●     Earn upto Rs. 21,000 per month* (depends on city, orders completed and strike rate)

●     Biweekly payouts

–       1-15th payout will happen on 21st of the month

–       16-31st payout will happen on 8th of the next month

–       If there is holiday on 21st or 8th of the month, payout will happen on the next bank working day

●     Guaranteed amount of Rs. 200 per day at the time of training (3-4 days training typically). This will be paid out to the candidate even if he has completed X days of training and got rejected during the Background Verification Process.

●     Daily petrol allowance of Rs. 50 for all days on which the delivery was made

●     Bonus of Rs. 500 if the efficiency or strike rate is more than 85% for the month

–       Strike rate= No. of orders delivered/no. of orders received for delivery

Working hours ●     6 days weekly delivery (candidate has to inform the hub at least 1 day in advance about the absence)

●     2 slots of deliveries per day

❖     Slot 1- 6:30 AM- 2:00 PM (End time might vary depending on no. of orders)

❖     Slot 2- 2:00 PM- 9:00 PM (End time might vary depending on no. of orders)

❖     Rider can select any one slot

●     Team lead at the hub conducts a quick meeting, allocates orders and the delivery starts

Documents required / Eligibility 1.    Driving License (DL)- front and back

2.    Aadhar Card- Front and Back in a pdf format, name of the document should be Aadhar Number

3.    Bank Account details (Passbook or Cancelled Cheque or Online statement: Account number, IFSC Code).
IMPORTANT: The name on the documents (including bank details) must correspond to the name of the candidate.

4.    PAN Card

5.    Father’s Name

6.    Date of Birth

7.    BGC check- Telephonic or in-person Background verification check will happen for the address mentioned on the Aadhar card (Time taken for BGC check is 3-4 days). Training will take place parallely.Flipkart is pushing for in-person check. If the candidate doesn’t live in the current location or mentioned address in the Aadhaar, their family member can verify their identity (any family member)

Other Conditions ●     Age limit -18-35

●     Android phone necessary- Yes

●     Bike required or not?- Yes

●     Language Proficiency- Basic English reading

●     Area Knowledge

●     Well groomed and maintain hygiene

Onboarding Process 1.    Document Collection by Vahan and shared with client along with Delivery Hub selection- Sheet here (All leads shared before 1 PM will have to go to the Flipkart hub the next day

2.    DOT team to verify documents and share any escalations against candidates

3.    Candidate visits the Flipkart hub and gives the call to DOT POC confirming that he has reached the specified hub

4.    DOT POC will coordinate with the candidate on taking the training and BGC process further

5.    Vahan to share DOT POC contact details with the candidate from the sheet: (Payout Potential & DOT POC details tab)

Other Benefits/Deductions –       Candidate to get bag from Flipkart

–       Deductions- DOT will deduct Rs.1000/- in two instalments from each rider (i.e. 500 per payout x 2 biweekly payouts) from wages for Background Verification charges and 2 T Shirts)

–       T-shirts to be received after 15 days

Additional details –       Total weight to be carried per order ~0.5-0.6 Kg. But the rider does not have to carry the bag, it will be mounted on the bike. Just need to pick up order from the bag

–       Rider will pick up all orders at once in a slot and deliver them to specific customers en-route

–       Delivery Radius (Orders to be allocated within this radius around the allocated hub)-

15 Kms. radius

–       Incase of return/not collected orders, Rider has to return such orders to the hubs reconciliation Section


Talking Points

Questions Talking Points
Can you tell me about this company ? Sure Sir! Flipkart is one of India’s largest e-commerce platform with its presence across India
How much can I earn ? You can easily earn upto Rs. 10,000-21,000 per month.. DOT/Flipkart pays 15-16 Rupees per order delivered. They offer a guaranteed income during training of Rs. 200/day. You will also get a strike rate bonus of Rs. 500 if you maintain 85% rate for the month.

You will also get a per day petrol allowance of Rs. 50 for the day on which you attended the hub and made deliveries.


Note the payment potential at the end of the table.

What is the payment cycle You will get paid at a Biweekly level. You can track your order completed, earnings etc. on the DOT application and at the Hub.
Do I have to pay anything for joining –       There is Rs. 1000 joining fee (deducted 500 each per month) for t-shirt and BGC check

–       You will get the delivery bag free of charge

Where do I need to join? Select a delivery hub location of your choice from this list:


What will I be delivering? What kind of parcels, weight etc? It will be e-commerce delivery. Typical weight to be carried- 0.5-0.6 Kg per order. But you don’t have to lift the bag. The bag will be bike mounted and you will just need to carry the order when you deliver it at merchant place
Is there a weekend off? You can take a week off 1 day / week. Just inform the hub at least 1 day in advance about your absence
What is the next step to get onboarded ? Thank you for your interest Sir! As next steps, you will have to share with us the following documents -DL, Bank account proof (Passbook or Cancelled Cheque), Aadhar card. I just sent you a message with a whatsapp link to send these documents quickly.


Once you share the documents with us, your interview will be scheduled with the DOT team.

There are very limited openings – I would urge you to send the documents immediately to help us onboard you faster.


Earning potential Monthly

Delivery Target Payout per shipment Total Payout Fuel per day Total fuel Payout Full Payout Greater than 85% efficiency Final Payout Earning per order
Monthly 900 15 13,500 50 1,300 14,800 500 15,300 17
Monthly 1,200 16 19,200 50 1,300 20,500 500 21,000 17.5
Training Period Pay 200 Per day

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