Delivery Rider/Executive Requirement

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August 5, 2020

Delivery Rider/Executive Requirement

  1. 400 in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai region



What to pitch: Earn upto 20,000 per month*. (T&C Apply). Earning potential ranges from 10-20K.


Opportunity to work with one of world’s largest e-commerce companies. Best brand in the business.


Onboarding and Delivery center locations are given below:


City Pincode Area Mandate
Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR) 122001 Sadar Bazaar 200
Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR) 122015 Palam Road, Sahraul areas 100
Navi Mumbai 400706 Nerul, Darave areas 100


Interested candidates would be required to go to these centers for delivery pickups and training.


Earning potential


Key Topic E-commerce  Delivery
Per hour earnings Rs. 120
Estimated orders to be delivered –       Depends on the vertical and station, but it would be about 15-20 orders per block (1 block= 2-6 hours)

–       The no. of hours that a person can work is capped at 8 hours/day and 40 hours per week



Estimated earnings per month ●     Earn upto Rs. 20,000 per month* (depends on city, no. of blocks completed, no. of days worked etc.)

●     Weekly payouts

Working hours ●     Rider has to select the block from the Amazon flex app

●     Each block is 2-6 hours

●     Rider has to report to the hub 15 mins before the start time of the block

●     Team lead at the hub conducts a quick meeting, allocates orders and the delivery starts

Documents required / Eligibility 1.    Name, Phone, Email ID to be shared with Amazon by Vahan

Candidate needs to submit the below details on the Amazon App:

2.    Photo Identity proof- DL/Aadhar/PAN etc.

3.    Address Proof- DL/Aadhar etc.

4.    Bank Account details (Name, Account number, IFSC Code)

5.    Current Address

6.    BGV check- In-person Background verification check will happen for the current address mentioned (Time required for BGC check is 7 days).

Training –       1st training (8 modules, time= 45 mins) to be completed post registration on the Flex App

–       Post the 1st training, BGV check will kick start

–       2nd training to be completed after BGV is passed

–       For 2nd training- Rider has to download Amazon training app

–       Complete all training modules

Other Conditions ●     Age limit -No limit as such but a typical delivery partner would be 18-30 yrs. of age

●     Android phone necessary- Yes

●     Bike required or not?- Yes

●     Language Proficiency- Basic English reading

●     Area Knowledge

●     Well groomed and maintain hygiene

Onboarding Process 1.    Lead sharing by Vahan- Name, Phone no. and Email ID (‘Leads for Uniqueness’ tab on the sheet- Amazon will share uniqueness status against the leads within 24 hours

2.    For unique leads- Vahan will handhold the candidate on downloading the Amazon flex app and completing the document upload process

3.    Use the link here for app download and registration-

4.    Vahan will support the candidate on ensuring 1st training completion

5.    Vahan will share candidate details on the lead sheet (City specific tab- Once the registration and training is complete, BGV process will get triggered automatically

6.    BGV process will take about 5-7 days for completion

7.    Once a candidate passes BGV check, 2nd training on the app to be completed on the separate training App

8.    Amazon will assign the station ID to the candidate and onboard

9.    Amazon will coordinate with the rider for reaching out to the Hub

Other Benefits/Deductions –       Candidate to get bag from Amazon depending on vertical of work- Food/Grocery/Normal Ecom delivery

–       No Onboarding fee

Additional details –       Rider will pick up all orders at once in a slot and deliver them to specific customers en-route

–       Delivery Area (Orders to be allocated within this area around the allocated hub)- 4-5 Sq. Km area

–       Incase of return/not collected orders, Rider has to return such orders to the hubs reconciliation Section



Talking Points



Questions Talking Points
Can you tell me about this company ? Sure Sir! Amazon is one of India’s largest e-commerce platform with its presence across India
How much can I earn ? You can earn Rs. 10,000-20,000 per month. Amazon pays Rs. 120 per hour delivered.
What is the payment cycle You will get paid at a Weekly level. You can track your order completed, earnings etc. on the Amazon application and at the Hub.
Do I have to pay anything for joining –       No joining fee

–       You will get the delivery bag free of charge depending on vertical of work

Where do I need to join? Select a delivery hub location of your choice from this list:

122001- Sadar Bazaar area, Gurgaon

122015- Palam road, Sarhaul area Gurgaon

400706- Navi Mumbai (Nerul, Darave areas)

What will I be delivering? What kind of parcels, weight etc? It will be food/grocery/e-commerce delivery. The vertical depends on the hub assigned to the rider
Is there a weekend off? You can select whichever block you want to work in. Maximum 8 hours per day to be worked in
What is the next step to get onboarded ? Thank you for your interest Sir! As next steps, you will have to register on the Amazon flex App by going to the link:

Keep the address and identity proofs ready-DL, Bank account details, Aadhar card. I just sent you a message with the Amazon flex portal link which can be used to download the application


Once you complete the registration process in-app, you will have to take a 45 min training in the App.


After training completion, your profile will go for a background verification check process at the current address mentioned by you during registration.


It will take about 5-7 days to complete BGV check


Once the BGV check is complete and you pass the check, you will have to undergo 2nd training by downloading the app-


There are very limited openings – I would urge you to send the documents immediately to help us onboard you faster.

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